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  • Engage visitors of museums, libraries, lobbies, and retail stores like never before with the magic of touch-free [i]cell interactive kiosks and displays.

  • [i]cell™ Kiosk

    [i]cell™ Interactive Kiosk Our kiosk creates a larger human scale interaction by getting the user out of the frame of a touch-screen. The interactive consists of 8 cell activation points, an internal computer, and a 32-inch (1366 x 768) monitor. A

    [i]cell™ Table

    [i]cell™ Interactive Table During early childhood development, kids learn the basics of interacting in an environment. By engaging their hands, eyes and ears, the [i]cell™ Table helps build physical coordination and their understanding of the cau

    [i]cell™ Wall Display

    [i]cell™ Interactive Wall Display A permanent wall mounted custom case solution for libraries, museums, lobbies and similar settings. The standard version measures approximately 40″x 30″x 5″, with custom designs available as well.

    [i]cell™ Artifact Display

    [i]cell™ Interactive Artifact Display This artifact display case is designed to bring several antiquities or objects to life. Replace clunky buttons with [i]cells for a more elegant and novel user experience. It can be difficult to rouse interest i

    [i]cell™ Interplay

    [i]cell™ Interplay An interactive completely different from our other products. Display visual effects, animations, logos, or low-resolution videos that can be manipulated by a user with the gesture of a hand or foot for a fun and novel experience.

    Custom [i]cell™ Projects

    Custom Interactive Installations The [i]cell™ technology system has always been popular in custom displays and permanent installations. When an [i]cell™ product from our line is not the best solution, DC Connect can design and install the best su